Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Basket

The Basket. Our new dining table from The Masara Collcetion.

In ebonized oak, this table has a beauitful inverted cone shape. Playing on the traditional basket, or bucket shape we have always seen in farms it is modernized to fit with many themes, modern or ecclectic. The Basket comes in different types of wood finishes and colors.
The name of the collection, Masara, is a variation on the Arabic word meaning Farm, which in Arabic is pronounced "Mazra'a". This collection is inspired by farms and things found in old barns. With our twist, of course.


Nadine Masri Kayyali said...

the only reason i would ever move to a bigger house would be to fill it with your beautiful creations. each piece is truly inspired. love the table.

qerat said...

Thanks Nadine for the beautiful compliment. What you say truly inspires me.

michelle said...

love the right for today...that perfect transitional piece.

Thanks for you comments on my blog!

qerat said...

Thanks Michelle
Glad you like it

Camilla @ Designalogue Blog said...

I LOVE this table!


This is what I have been looking for my dining room - Are they for sale?

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