Monday, November 10, 2008

Meade Design Group

What a great way to start a day. Today I had a wonderful surprise early in the morning.

I daily check my favorite blogs. While checking on my particularly favorite Meade Design blog I was happily surprised to see that they had a new post about qerat.

I want to thank Ivan for taking the time to write all these beautiful things about qerat and me personally. Coming from a multi-talented designer like him, whose work I highly admire meant a lot to me. I constantly visit his blog and website and have always loved his interiors and his graphics work that show such a refined sense of style.

Thanks again Ivan for making my day.

Do visit the Meade Group's website for a tour of refinement
and the blog for great design information.



Paul Pincus said...

congratulations! i love meade design group : )



Dear Tareq,

Thank you so much for the mention. It was my pleasure to show your piece and to promote your wonderful blog. We love your sense of style.

Iván Meade

Rana said...

I visited their blog and website and both are great.
congrats on being featured on such a nice blog and in Canada!
We love your work

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