Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine

188-2Cushion from Qerat soft furnishings collection

Happy Valentine to all our friends and readers.


Karena said...

Gorgeous pillow Tareq!

Happy Valentines to you!

Art by Karena

Ideezine said...

Great representation for valentine's day lovely pillow.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Brillante Interiors said...

This pillow is fabulous!
Happy Valentine to you too (you are way ahead of me)

Patricia Gray said...

A belated Happy Valentines day to you. Love your cushion. You are so artistic and creative! Hope you had a great day.

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Love the bright colours and patterns on the cushion :-) Oh, that reminds me, I still haven't replied to your e-mail. I'll get back to you soon!

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