Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long Time No Blog

A big fan of Qerat complained over the past few days about the lack of posts on our blog, and this is to tell her that it is all for a good reason. We are so excited about so many things happening soon that are keeping us busy and that is the reason for the lack of posts.

Layers Console from The Mondrian Collection in Walnut

We will be announcing our news soon so stay tuned


Nadine Masri said...

Tareq, yet another winner. your work is an inspiration.

Karena said...

Yes Tareq I have missed you. very excited to hear the upcomimg news!!

Art by Karena

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loai habboub said...

Another elegant Piece, that console hanging on the wall And floated, similar to the side table in the previous blog!
Happy & excited for the things that happening & hope to be as perfect as we want it to be ;-)

Kelly @ JAX does design said...

Can't wait to see what you've been up to, and looking forward to more blog posts soon!

Love the Layered Console - walnut is one of my favourite woods :-)


Another fantastic piece!

We missed your posts Tareq - Don't abandon your fans (lol)

design elements said...

the piece is wonderful!

Karena said...

Tareq, I would love to see more!!

Art by Karena

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You will love it!

pve design said...

I am sure that anything you share with us, anytime will inspire. I adore Walnut and that shape is stunning.

canvas printing said...

son simple yet so stunning great job

Artemide said...

Perfectly balanced! It blends with the space and compliments every furniture. It's difficult to capture that essence. You did a brilliant job!

Delta light said...

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Laura Madalene said...

Your blog is so lovely. I am really happy to see you blog and writing. Carry on. Interior design ideas

Chirag Dagli said...

These are wonderful ideas! I must try these ideas too. You have done a great job..Thanks for sharing this.

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